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In general term, personal violence offences may be differentiated according to the degree of harm inflicted upon the victim and the intention of the offender, ranging from common assault to those offences where the offender has the intention to inflict a particular type of harm.

The different types of personal violence include:

  • Common assault
  • Assault occasioning actual bodily harm
  • Reckless grievous bodily harm or wounding
  • Use or possess weapon to resists arrest
  • Attempt to choke
  • Administer intoxicating substance
  • Assault causing death

Offences of personal violence cover a wide spectrum of behaviour and consequences. Such offences are viewed very seriously by the courts.

Common aggravating factors

Certain objective aggravating factors frequently arise in the context of personal violence offences.

They include:

  • Actual or threatened use of a weapon
  • Actual or threatened use of a knife
  • Actual or threatened use of a firearm
  • Use of syringes
  • Use of glass, broken bottles
  • Degree of premeditation or planning
  • Offence committed in company
  • Offence was unprovoked
  • Violence on a vulnerable victim (based on his/her age, disability, occupation etc.)
  • Offence committed in victim’s home
  • Gratuitous cruelty
  • Offence caused substantial injury, emotional harm, loss or damage to victim

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