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Buying Process

Your home is likely to be the most important investment we ever make, both in terms of money and also our family’s lifestyle.
Buying a home is often the biggest financial decision anyone will make and entering into a contract for sale without knowing your legal rights can have profound long-term consequences on your finances, so consulting a solicitor prior to making any offer on a property at an auction is vital.

The Conveyancing Buying Process

Before the Contract

  • Find the property you want to purchase
  • Arrange your formal finance approval or alternatively arrange for the contract to be made subject to formal approval of finance.
  • Carefully review the content of the Contract and ensure that you understand it.
  • If applicable order your property inspection reports eg pest, building, survey, strata.
  • Remember that time is important – until you sign a contract, the Vendor can accept other offers.

Signing/Exchanging contracts

  • You may want to negotiate with the Vendor’s real estate agent on things such as price or special conditions. You will need to make sure you are happy with these before signing the contract.
  • The final contract will be the one that is signed by each party
  • We will prepare and send you a comprehensive letter of advice along with forms that may be required as part of the process;

Before Settlement

  • If you haven’t received a Lawyer’s advice on the contract, you need to ensure the estate agent forwards the exchanged contract to your lawyer.
  • Arrange insurance. In New South Wales, risk passes to you on settlement, so it is important to arrange insurance from the settlement date. Your bank will often require proof of this prior to them advancing the funds. We can help you obtain insurance through Allianz.
  • Ensure that you have signed all of your mortgage documents and have returned them to your bank together with any other bank requirements such as insurance.* Let your lawyer know which bank and their contact details along with any other information about your loan that might be important (for example if you are refinancing another property at the same time).
  • Provide your lawyer with proof of identity for each purchaser.
  • Complete and return relevant forms to your lawyer as early as possible at the start of your transaction.
  • Review the settlement statement that is sent to you and alert your lawyer if you have any concerns.
  • If you are contributing funds in addition to your loan, either arrange with us to deposit the funds to our trust account so we can draw cheques on the day of settlement or confirm that your financier will allow us to draw from these funds at the same time as we request loan funds from them.
  • Forward stamp duty cheque to us (unless stamping at settlement)
  • Make arrangements regarding collection of keys.
  • Arrange and complete your final inspection just before settlement to ensure that the property has been left in a satisfactory condition.
  • Make arrangements regarding utility connections. Talk to us about the Direct Connect service that help makes this task easier

Settlement Day

  • Ensure that you have completed your final inspection and advised us of any concerns that you have as soon as possible
  • Make sure you are contactable for any late queries that might be needed.
  • Wait for our call confirming that settlement has occurred.

After Settlement

  • Review the final letter of advice and confirmation of settlement;
  • Prepare and send you final letter of advice confirming the details of settlement;
  • If you had a financier, then they will lodge the transfer documents with the land titles office, otherwise we will do this on your behalf.
  • Assist you with any short term follow up of rates notices that may be sent to you before the ownership change is recorded.
  • Notify relevant organisations that you are the new owner of the property (however they will require confirmation of the transfer from the Land Registry before they record the change);
  • Celebrate your successful purchase!

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