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AT GMH Legal, we provide expert and cost-effective legal advice on a wide range of property offences. In NSW, there is a vast range of offences which fall under the broad heading of ‘property offences’. This includes, though is not limited to;


s  Larceny

s  Robbery and Armed Robbery

s  Break and Enter Offences

s  Home Invasion

s  Burglary

s  Receiving Stolen Property


The potential punitive sanctions that attach to these crimes increase in cases where aggravating circumstances are involved, such as where a weapon is involved in a burglary. Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of all the potential defences that apply to the offences listed above and will be able to advise you of the potential application of these defences to that charge laid against you.


The most common property offence is larceny, which is typically referred to as ‘theft’, this includes the stealing of any item, including motor vehicles. To be found guilty of larceny, a person must have taken the property of another without their consent, though the Prosecution also must prove that the person taking the property had an intention to permanently deprive the owner of their property. Obviously, this will not always be the case – misunderstandings regularly occur when it come to borrowing someone’s property.


If you have been charged with a property offence, you need the assistance of an expert criminal defence lawyer who will investigate your case thoroughly and explore all possible avenues in order to potentially raise a successful defence. We will first negotiate with Crown and Police Prosecutors to have charges laid against you reduced or even dropped. Failing this, we will vigorously represent your interests if your matter reaches the court system. If you go with GMH Legal, you can rest assured that you will receive the best outcome possible in your given circumstances. 


Call the experienced team at GMH Legal to assist you in your matter. A free consultation with GMH Legal is an opportunity to gain deep insights into your legal situation and all of your options.

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