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Murder and manslaughter carry with them the most serious of all punitive sanctions. If you are found guilty, you will potentially face a lifetime of imprisonment in one of the countries harshest prisons.

Legally, murder can occur in variety of circumstances. Most obviously, murder involves the killing of a person who did in fact intend to kill or inflict grievous bodily harm on another person. However, murder can also be committed by someone who does not have an intention to kill, and this can happen in a vast array of circumstances that people fail to appreciate.

Someone can be charged with murder if they acted, or omitted to act, with reckless indifference to human life. This would be the case if a reckless married couple left their young child locked in a car on a hot day, in a remote area, with nobody around who could potentially break into the car and stop the child from suffocating to death. Alternatively, someone can be charged with murder for committing an ‘unlawful or dangerous act’, such as running someone over and skilling them whilst driving in a highly hazardous manner.

For legal purposes, manslaughter is defined as any unlawful killing that does not fall under the legal definition of murder. This can include both voluntary manslaughter, such as when people assault people ‘in a fit of passion’ without an intention to kill, though the person does actually die after the assault, and involuntary manslaughter, which involves the unintentional killing of a person, such as when people run over and kill people on the roads whilst driving in a responsible manner.

AT GMH Legal, we realize that in order to ensure an equitable result, cases of murder and manslaughter require all the available evidence to be examined with the greatest possible scrutiny. We will apply our superior knowledge of the law to the Prosecutions evidence in order to establish whether the DNA, fingerprint, identification, telephone intercept material, listening device, and all other available forms of forensic and medical evidence, is bona fide or accurate. In addition, we will thoroughly examine the content of any alleged confessions to identify potential weaknesses in the prosecutions case.

Moreover, at GMH legal we have a thorough understanding of all the potential defences that apply to charges of murder and manslaughter. If you have been charged with murder or manslaughter, we will meticulously analyse the circumstances surrounding your charge in order to establish whether any of these defences have any potential application to your case. Our expert criminal defence lawyers will make sure your cases receives the utmost level of skill and expertise. We will ensure you are kept fully informed of all your realistic options, every possible defence, and the best course of action you should take when your case goes to court.

At GMH Legal, we do not take the loss of one’s liberty and freedom lightly. If you want to secure the most effective legal representation, it is an absolute imperative that you retain the services of one of our expert criminal defence lawyers at the earliest stage possible. Our lawyers have an abundance of experience in the highest courts in Australia, whilst also remaining active in the Supreme and District Courts. We have the experience and technical proficiency for you to achieve the best outcome possible in your given circumstances, within the strict confines of this area of the law.

Call the experienced team at GMH Legal to assist you in your matter. A free consultation with GMH Legal is an opportunity to gain deep insights into your legal situation and all of your options.

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