• Parenting Orders – Considerations of the Court

    In child custody matters, when making a parenting order, the main consideration of the court is whether the proposed arrangements are in the best interests of the children. The court presumes that it is in the best interests of the children for parents to have ‘equal shared parental responsibility’, but it...

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  • Mistakes made in Child Custody Proceedings – Watch Your Behavior

    INTRODUCTION A traditional Chinese curse simply put is “May you live in interesting times” and ‘interesting times’ is the most charitable description of the daily happenings of those parents entering into the affray of child custody proceedings. Seeing our own client’s daily personal battles i...

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  • Making your AVO work for you

    Most people find their AVOs to be highly effective in preventing violence, intimidation and harassment. You have every reason to be hopeful that the defendant to your AVO will take proper notice of your AVO, and that you will have no further trouble. In the end, however, an AVO is an order of the court not jus...

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  • Women and Family Law

    This is the tenth edition of Women and Family Law. It states the law as at April 2014 that applies to married and de facto couples (including same sex de facto couples) after relationship breakdown. This booklet provides a starting point for finding out information about the law. It provides some answers to comm...

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  • Share the Care Parenting Plan – Collaborative Parenting Apart

    Divorce and separation are painful for everyone involved–particularly children. At this challenging time children need support, love and contact with both parents. Some certainty about the future is also very important for everyone. A written parenting plan, worked out between parents, will help clarify th...

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  • An Invitation to Split!! Binding Financial Agreement / Pre-Nuptial Agreement

    Wallace & Stelzer and Anor [2013] FamCAFC 199 Background to the case `A couple, known by the court as Mr Wallace and Ms Stelzer, met in 1998 at the Sydney club where Ms Stelzer worked soon after Mr Wallace split from his first wife. He was 51 years old, divorced and came into the marriage with an "ove...

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Domestic Violence can occur in any sort of relationship, and can be directed towards both spouses/partners and children. Domestic violence can include;

* Wilful Injury: this includes any form of assault, such as hitting, punching or strangling
* Wilful Damage: this includes any damage directed towards your household possessions, your car, or your even your residence
* Intimidation or Harassment: this can include repeated telephone calls or other forms of inappropriate communication, such as persistent watching or stalking
* Indecent Behaviour Without Consent: this includes sexual contact or activity that you have expressly or implicitly made known is unwelcome

If you have experienced any of the above mentioned behaviours, then you are a victim of domestic violence.

At GMH Legal, our expert family lawyers can assist you in obtaining a protection order to prevent any further violence from occurring in the future. Such an order will impose a legal obligation on the offending party to cease and desist committing acts of violence against you at the risk of severe legal sanctions if they fail to do so.

The perpetrator must behave in the manner prescribed in the protection order towards both yourself and anyone else named in the order, which importantly, may include your children. To apply for a Protection Order, the relationship between the parties must come under one of the following categories:

* Married or de facto couples
* Intimate personal relationship (for example, if you have been dating someone on a regular basis for a significant period of time)
* Family relationship
* Informed care relationship

Don’t allow yourself to be subject to adverse treatment at the hands of your partner or anyone else. Our professional and dedicated team of family lawyers have the skill and expertise required to ensure that you are protected from anyone who has harmed you in the past and is threatening to do the same in the future.



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