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Keeping your Will up to date

If you have written a will then you have made a fantastic start in the process of ensuring that your intentions, both financial and otherwise, are carried out as you would have wished after your death.

The act of making a will, indeed, places you in a relatively small proportion of people in Australia whose estate should avoid probate laws. However, making one will to last you your entire life may well not be enough. Significant changes may well occur between the time at which you write your will and the time of your death, and these may well have an effect on the content of the document. As a result, it is vitally important that you keep your will up to date.

It is generally thought that you should review the content of your will at the time of a major ‘life event’. These might include:

  • a change in your financial circumstances;
  • the birth of a child; the death of a close relative;
  • a change in your living arrangements; and
  • a marriage, civil partnership or divorce.

Any of these events may have a significant impact on your will, and on your intentions with regards to the disbursement of your estate.

Keeping your legal will up-to-date ensures that your wishes will be carried out in the event of your death, and can keep your beneficiaries from having to engage in costly, emotionally draining and unnecessary court proceedings

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